Tuesday, November 2, 2010

le weekend.

how was your weekend?
mine was slow and relaxing.
it rained all day saturday,
which eventually turned to snow

i took the opportunity to order 
my new (down, fur-lined, -20 rated)
winter coat :)

we saw 
the social network
and visited a gallery
where the guide gave us a
very thorough tour

monday was chaotic, as they usually are!

here's a little treat for you,
the new covet garden
online magazine for november
i haven't even looked at it yet.
i like savoring magazines,
reading them bit by bit.  

ps. re: reading material-
my new metro book,
has turned a bit heavy.
a little change from
confessions of a shopaholic, etc. 
if you're around montreal
and you see a girl crying in the corner 
on the metro,
chances are it's me !
going to need another fluffy story after this one.

how was your weekend?


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