Thursday, November 11, 2010

live like a local: la distillerie.

this weekend i felt like a local,
when i walked into a great little bar with some friends,

it's a cocktail bar
with wooden tables, and chairs,
and barstools gathered around old wine barrels.

there's a set of rules written in french
on a great chalkboard wall.

par exemple,

'invitez vos amis à la fête. par contre, n'invitez pas les gens
que vous n'inviteriez pas chez vous'

invite your friends to party at the bar! but, don't invite people here 
whom you wouldn't invite to your house. 

pretty sound advice.

but my favorite feature of all?

most of the drinks are served in mason jars!
i just love that idea. 

i think it's definitely a bar i'll be heading back to.
come visit, so i can take you there.
so many mason jars to try! 

1 comment:

Stéphane Danré said...

La Distillerie, that's a good place !
You are right Allison !

food for thought.

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