Friday, November 19, 2010

friday top ten.

ten reasons that make this weekend awesome.

1. the week is over!
2. 3 presentations out of the way.
3. beaujolais nouveau soirée tonight!
4. toasting to new jobs!
5. my warm puffy winter coat FINALLY arrived.
6. a nice long (freezing) run.
8. earning some money tomorrow (this is the upside of working 9-5 on saturday).
9. snow flurries, furry gloves and wool socks.
10. christmas music that's made it's way on to my ipod.

happy weekend friends! 
i know i wasn't around much this week, 
the next two weeks are gonna be BUSY ones too.

how are you going to enjoy your weekend?
what are your top ten reasons it's going to be a great one?


1 comment:

. said...

Indeed, it was awesome.

I think that my favorite part was the Christmas music !

food for thought.

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