Thursday, December 2, 2010

shaggy houses.

dear readers,

i have disappeared for a bit.
i seem to be trapped 
between working saturdays scanning and cleaning documents,
referencing 27 class readings in papers,
and giving too many presentations.

my brain has been filled with
learning happening in nonformal settings,
aesthetic music experiences and their role in culture and education,
the disappearing humanities,
paradigm shifts,
political graffiti in morocco

just to name a few.

it seems it's snowing in EVERY city worldwide 
except Montreal
(universe, I am NOT taunting you, 
let's be clear on this).
i just think it's comical that things seem to be reversed at the moment!

home in 2 weeks.
christmas trees and chocolate advent calendars,
ornaments and present wrapping,
SKIING and snowman making,
are plenty of lights at the end of the tunnel.

as is this house, 
completely overgrown with vines.
i feel like i'm looking at a picture of a dog, 
with tons of hair in his face, all you can see is his tongue hanging out 

what is your light at the end of the tunnel?
let's stick together here!


picture via architectureblog.  

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