Friday, October 29, 2010

friday top ten.

1. a red crayon
earliest halloween costume
which i only remember from pictures.

2. a pumpkin
a big puffy orange pillow type costume,
with matching stem/hat

3. a witch
first grade. i still remember the awful apple bobbing contest.
 i did have a pretty cute little bob though.

4. a black cat
original, i know. complete with gymnastics leotard
and a tail made from tights and stuffed with socks.

5. a hippie
the year everyone else decide to be a hippy too.
not many other uses for the long blonde wig afterwards...

6. a cowboy
plaid shirt, pigtails, HUGE prairie girl skirt.
i think i may have even taken a stuffed horse with me to trick or treat.
regrettably, no cowboy boots.

7. the coca cola polar bear
i thought it was quite the original idea-
i wore a white sweatsuit, my mom made me a hat with ears,
and i carried an old fashioned bottle of coke.
but i was pretty annoyed
when everyone kept asking, oh are you a bunny? >:0

8. 'miss georgia' 
the year my three friends and I
dressed up as state beauty queens
in godawful gaudy prom dresses.
couldn't tell ya why i picked georgia though.

9. a french maid
this one was a buy-n-wear costume.
i added the black stilettos though :)

10. teenage mutant ninja turtles
probably one of proudest halloween moments.
that was the year i was studying abroad in france.
we made our costumes with yellow place mats,
fabric face masks
and green paint.
we even had splinter.

voilĂ .
a brief history of alli's halloween costumes.

what have you dressed up as?
are you celebrating this year?

xo & happy halloween

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