Saturday, December 4, 2010

a belated friday top ten.

random style, because i can't think of a theme.
start sending me recommendations, people.

1. yesterday (friday) was the first time i cooked dinner this week.  end of semester? yes.
2. i love candles, but i always feel guilty using them up. 
3. i indulged in a 5 episode seinfeld marathon tonight.
4. i want this scarf for christmas.  in all colors.
5. today at work i listened to some strange npr podcasts: car talk, this american life about chicken grooming, and wait wait don't tell me about offensive itchy wool sweaters.
6. we bought a christmas tree tonight.  
he's either going to be named sammy (for sapin de noel)
or chris (christmas tree). 
7. sammy/chris looks like a fat kid with no neck. 
i'll wait for the branches to relax a little before i post a picture.
8. i was in the U.S. for about 2 hours this week.
9. sometimes i miss india. do you ever have strong vacation nostalgia?
10. it's currently -28 degrees in alert, canada. -40 with the windchill.
don't worry, it's pretty far away from where i am now.

what made your week random?


1 comment:

D said...

How about your 10 favorite things to do if you only have 2 hours in the states?

Speaking of India, did you see the report of the copilot on a flight in India who panicked when he accidentally turned off the autopilot while the captain was in the bathroom? He lost control of the plane and the pilot had to break in to the cockpit to save the aircraft? And you thought the taxi rides were exciting!


food for thought.

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