Wednesday, December 8, 2010

life list: brave the winter in a big city.

this is the view 
(can i call that a view?)
from my bedroom window, 
taken last night.

monday afternoon at 3pm it started snowing,
and the 2-4 cm of snow (1-1.5 inches) 
they forecasted....
turned into 35 centimeters.
that's 13.77777 inches of unforecasted snow folks. 

since everyone was obviously WAY unprepared,
the plows didn't come into the city until last night.
but man, did they come in full force.

the trucks, plows, and tractors
towed more than 5,000 cars 
in order to plow the streets.
overall, the afternoon/evening of snow
cost 17 million dollars.

17. million. dollars.
just so you know what we're dealing with here.
they mean business.

and while it took a little longer 
than i would have liked
to (semi) find the sidewalks again,
they've been pretty efficient.
at least for as much warning they were given
i.e. zero.

the top weather man in montreal was apparently 
'unavailable for comment' 
for an article in the metro newspaper this morning.

so not only does
'brave montreal's winter'
make my list, but also
'brave the winter in a big city'.

it's a little different when you don't have 
your car to drive around in everywhere.
and even then, 
a ford focus does not = suv.

although most times i love living in a city,
where i can access a lot by foot, bus or metro,
winter is the only time i find that
completely contradicted.

i must say,
i love my winter coat,
my handy new winter boots,
and my furry warm fantastic mittens.

this is the most prepared for winter i've been in years!



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