Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wintery mix.

well, finals week is over for me.
mainly because i didn't have any...
but before you think i'm all lazy over here,
the last four weeks i've been slaving over four papers.
i was pretty happy to turn my last one in, yesterday morning.

now i'm going to slush through the rainy snow 
when i'll hop on a plane (well two planes)
and go home for the holidays.
praying atlanta isn't as bad as it usually is for my flight connection...

monday it rained and melted all the snow
and today the snow is back with a vengeance,
making up for lost time I guess.

I had a dream last night,
that my family didn't wait 
one more day for me to come home,
and went and bought the christmas tree without me
guess i'll find out tomorrow!

anyone as behind as I am 
with christmas shopping???



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