Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hazelnut maple goodness.

this is what it looks like outside.
apparently i have super powers.
because whenever i think about snow,
it appears
in the masses.

we have about 12-14 inches in the backyard,
but down in the valley it's a wet slushy mess,
with a lot less snow and a lot more rain.

so this is what i spent my morning doing!
with this recipe.
hopefully it's good! 
i figure i should get some maple syrup desserts 
under my belt,
living in canada and all.

what yummy desserts are you making for the holidays?




lindsay said...

you made it!!!! it looks great! and it tastes amazing, i assure you :D yay for all the snow, too~

Stéphane Danré said...

Dear Alli,

Could you use your super powers, I want chocolate.


alli said...

Dear Stéphane,

I tried really hard. Did you get any chocolate?


Anonymous said...

It was a fine, yummy Canadian pie - and there's not much left


food for thought.

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