Friday, December 10, 2010

friday top ten.

thank you gen, 
for requesting
'the top ten crazy things that happen at the happ house'
xmas style.

1. can we just start with the fact that 
on average
we housed 15-21 people for a week. 

2. uncle george's crazy morning wakeup calls/departure countdowns.
on speaker phone.
once every 27 seconds.

3. walmart tag.
manager didn't like that so much.

4. mac party at the kitchen table.
i think we had at least 10 laptops?

5. ten years and only one broken arm. 
that deserves an applause.

6. the plan to steal the presents,
hide them in the bed of uncle's truck,
and convince isaac that santa forgot our house.

7. action sports movie. 
versions one. two. three. four?

8. the number of daily trips to the grocery store.

9. the bloody decapitated snowman
that colin made in the front yard.

10. oh yea.
that time the christmas tree fell over.

who wants to add something?




D said...

Huh - 10 years and only 1 broken arm, not bad. That makes 4th of July worse? 15 Years with one split skull and rope burns on one neck (all in the Ray family I might add)


D said...

And that despite 'events' in fog and at twilight.

Does eating a pre-licked smore count as calamity if you didn't end up in the emergency room? It does for me (yep, Ray family again)


Anonymous said...

That time we didn't have Christmas in Utah...

Anonymous said...

:( Sorry about no Christmas in Utah this year...

Genevieve said...

Wal-mart tag was SO FUN. I can't wait till ya'll come to the south and try it out here. It's a different experience.

How 'bout random apples to apples...

filling up an entire Cafe Rio by ourselves...

Nerf Dart warzone...

Anonymous said...

Watching Caity catch air on the turn off Devil's Elbow to Roller Coaster !

Anonymous said...

Colin's (hijacked) Hicoos

Alli skates six miles
Genevieve says its mad fun
Then they found 10 bucks

Caitey says I'm meen
She says that I'm verry meen
I'm sorry Caitey

Big avalanches
Subsequent concern about
Ruined our skiing

Mad powder today
Super deep and amazing
Where are Remy's skis?


Anonymous said...

how about dinner with the crazy cousins from Texas......and Colt McCoy.

mylifereinvented said...

WOW 15-21 people? I have 2 (however one of them is so needy that she should count as 4 at least) and 1 more on the way on top of my daughter and boyfriend and thought that was bad. I bow down to you.

Genevieve said...

also dinner with Martha's ex-boyfriend

Anonymous said...

Made me glad I didn't buy that Snuggy


alli said...

wow. goldmine of memories obvi. can't believe i forgot to mention the crazy cousins, the navajo blanket jacket and over the top games of apples to apples.
ps. bonified eee moootion alll leader.

C said...

how helen keller always won at apples to apples!

food for thought.

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