Monday, September 27, 2010

le weekend.

i think i may have had
the most american of weekends.

the peek of a golden dome
like a window into the past
in a way

a good old fashioned tail gate
was in order on saturday morning.
brats, potato salad, chips, beer
cupcakes, autumn color m&ms...

best friends.

highly competitive corn hole matches.

and an intensely concentrated marching band.

i won't show you a picture of the score board...

it was a wonderful american autumn weekend.
cozy sweatshirts
chilly evenings
picnics and crockpot dinners
eight way conversations at the dinner table
old friends, so close they're family

it was funny to be in michigan in the autumn. 
the last time i was there this late in the year,
i was saying goodbye.
it was hard not to be reminded of that.
but the bittersweet ending of a summer season
comes with the excitement of what the new one will hold next year.
and all the fun things to be done in between!

how was your weekend?


ps. i now know from experience.
you only have to forget your passport once 
to have the lesson sink in.
montreal and michigan never seem so far away
as when you don't have the ID to get there!


Genevieve said...

I just read your account and Stephane's account... all I can say is, wait 'till we get him to a Michigan game!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's funny, I had an american week-end too !

ps : all roads lead to Michigan, even when you forget your passport.


food for thought.

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