Wednesday, September 8, 2010

life learning.

today i did something intriguing
and i couldn't wait to share it here.
i was asked by a teacher,
to map out
my learning journey.

to write everything that i thought
contributed to the learning 
i've done throughout my life.

my first entries read very much like a resume.
a very complete one, that is.
montessori preschool (i inserted three states here)
montessori kindergarten-eighth grade
high school

in between, i thought of educational experiences 
outside of the classroom
(the class is called nonformal learning...)
so i threw in gymnastics, flute lessons, and volleyball
ignoring the month and a half of pathetic basketball playing...
navigating the london tube map with my sister
our first trip out of the country

in high school, i added chorus, singing lessons, travel volleyball
weeks in europe, pruning independence
flying lessons.

then i started to think about all the times
learning wasn't the goal so much at the time.
stocking food shelves at the homeless shelter in 8th grade
tutoring middle school algebra
handling classes full of rowdy french middle schoolers.

a list at the bottom of the page
was for learning experiences 
important, but less tangible
going to my first funeral
being a best friend
a big sister, a family member
being in committed relationships
being alone

times when i learned
not always willingly.
how much clearer i can see the learning now
that went on years ago.

have you ever sat down 
and mapped your learning journey?
i think you'd be surprised
as to suddenly what seems most important.
what shaped you the most.
what you didn't realize at the time.
and the endless learning going on everyday.

just some thoughts.
as you can see, i'm deep in thought and theories over here :)




D said...

How about busting your first bronc before age 4? That was a learning experience (or naming the bronc too although maybe that was more a learning experience for the parents)

alli said...

yep. i learned never again to beg my parents to take home a pony. and you learned never to leave it to a 4 year old, what to name said pony. all in all a positive experience!

food for thought.

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