Tuesday, September 28, 2010

we're all in it together.

or afternoon for most.
i just finished a fresh tomato salad for lunch
a baguette with a square of cheese.

i wish i had an umbrella like that
i'll need it when i go outside in a bit
i understand montrealers 
affinity for rain boots now!

while i was doing my morning reading 
and reflection writing,
i came across a quote 
that rang true to me in a funny way.

it was from a writer quoting Lev Vygotsky
(how cool would it be to be named Lev?)
a Russian psychologist,
who talked about how we interact with people.

one of his beliefs was that
we become ourselves through others.

there's a certain individual awareness
that comes from interacting with others.
we actually learn more about ourselves,
become ourselves
through being with other people.

isn't that a wonderful thought?
i think it brings some togetherness
to the world
when sometimes we have to squint to otherwise see it.

so there's some social theory 
for your tuesday afternoon!


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