Wednesday, September 22, 2010

life list: visit prince edward island.

a couple thoughts before life list.
i've been people watching most of the afternoon
a couple minutes ago,
i walked past a man lying on some steps
looking up at the sky
just chilling out there.

(slightly strange yes)
but haven't you ever wanted to do that?
just lay and watch the clouds
i'm having one of those kinds of wednesdays

fighting a headache and wondering
why oh why
i decided to stop drinking coffee today
i am honestly folks,
is it worth a cranky wednesday?

i digress!

i think i'd like to go to prince edward island

especially now, in the first days of autumn

i'd like to hop on a ferry,
cuddle up in chunky wool sweater
and explore the island
eat some lobster
maybe spend a night or two in a lighthouse.
i'm certainly a lot closer to it now!

what's your autumn trip fantasy?


photos via here and here

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