Wednesday, September 15, 2010

positive in the negative.

hello there.
i've been having a bumpy sort of week.
does that ever happen to you?
things just sort of don't feel right
i'm sure everything will work itself out
it always does, n'est-ce pas? 

in the meantime i've decided to look at the positive.
crisp fall weather means
tall boots, flannel shirts, and trench coats
tights, scarves, and leg warmers 

and pretty dresses

this weekend i'm traveling to a new city to see something i love
EAA fly in in ottawa

the wonderful crafty blog i stumbled upon this morning

with oodles of crafts and design ideas i want to copy asap
next sewing challenge: making that tank top right there
and i think following her instructions 
might even be possible for those who don't sew
ie moi

what cheers you off during an off week?


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