Sunday, September 5, 2010

market day.

market goodies. 
peaches, potatoes, baguettes, bananas
lettuce, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes
eggplant, sausage, and wine!

peach cobbler for dinner
and roasted potatoes and eggplant on the menu sometime soon
the wine was from romania....
a long way from Quebec, I know

I'm realizing now
that I was incredibly and irreversibly spoiled
by french wine, cheese, bread and yogurt.
besides the lack of variety,
the price tags are enough to make you faint.
or simply change your eating habits i guess.

but are few things i like better
than taking a saturday morning stroll
to load up a bag with fresh
farmer's market goodies.
thankfully that's similar in most cultures :)

today we took a hike up 
le mont royal
pronounced in french exactly like montreal
it's the city's namesake after all
the 'mountain' in the middle of the city

my french chicago!

we went with a new friend i made,
an american named ali.
we bonded on the fact that we spell our name the same,
childhood gymnastics memories,
and cross country road trip stories.

and the adorableness of her dog, luna.

a great pyrenees, who was certainly the star today during our walk.
we actually had a group of (spanish?) tourists
ask to take a picture with luna.
without ali in the picture?
luna seemed pretty used to the attention!

tomorrow, to celebrate labor day,
we're heading to a mont orford,
our second national park in quebec.

how are you spending the holiday weekend?
winding down the summer with a campfire and barbeque?
picnic in the park?
catching up with grad school reading? (i will be!)



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