Friday, October 8, 2010

friday top ten.

it's definitely autumn weather over here
(minus the rain) 
blustery days, 
orange and rusty colored leaves floating by
patchy, puffy clouds
and a crisp blue sky 
that peeks out every once and awhile.

the kind of weather that makes me want to
curl up with a good book.
so for today's friday top ten,

the last 10 books i've read.


by muhammad yunus.
microcredit in bangladesh
really challenges you to look at different solutions.
i saw him speak two weeks ago!
he's a very present man, pretty inspiring.


by sophie kinsella
a stark contrast to the book above
but it was my fluffy metro book :)


by malcolm gladwell.
i went back and forth
between liking this book,
and thinking the author was trying a bit too hard.
interesting all the same.


by markus zusak
i might have already written about this one.
it's haunting, the story and the style
i would highly recommend it.


by zadie smith.
there are a lot of stories going on at once in this one
sometimes confusing.
don't be intimidated by the size!


Et si c'était vrai
by marc levy.
not the most enthralling piece of literature
but it was nice to read something simple in french

by rick steves.
my roomie gave me this one to read.
i would highly recommend it for anyone
interested in travel.
which..... are most of the people i know :)
it had a chapter on morocco which was fitting-
i read it before i visited.


by elizabeth strout.
a very honest story.
with a sometimes loveable
sometimes hateable
main character.


by michael pollan.
i like the second part of the title,
'the architecture of daydreams'.
the book was really interesting at times,
talking about our relation to the spaces around us.
but pretty repetitive and dry at others.


by julie powell.
hilarious, witty, 
and you should go see the movie as well.

what have you been reading lately?


ps. most of the links of the book titles go to the amazon page
so you can get more info!

1 comment:

Stéphane Danré said...

Politique et syndicalisme agricoles au Québec.

What ??!

food for thought.

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