Friday, October 1, 2010

friday top ten.

i'm going to start a new feature
here on mistinguett.
i'll begin on fridays, 
but that may change.

today i commence my list making.
anything and everything.
and the best part?
you can request a list!

want to know what
the ten best blogs i read are?
my ten favorite foods?
ten must sees in france?
the ten weirdest things i've ever seen on stumbleupon?
leave a request in the comments!

so here we go.
introducing friday top ten.

ten places i've lived.

aurora, ohio
(gig harbor, washington)
georgetown, indiana
mishawaka, indiana
(shavehead lake, michigan)
sandy, utah
redlands, california
nantes, france
paris, france
sens, france
beaune, france
montreal, canada

i had to add the parentheses on washington
because i'm already cheating on my first try.
but, to defend myself,
 we had already decided to move away
by the time we arrived in washington.
it really only lasted long enough
for me to remember driving to preschool,
picking out stick-on earrings
from the glove compartment in my dad's car.

and i cheated again,
when i included shavehead lake.
because in all honesty,
that's the place that feels
the most
like home to me, after all these years.

as i look at this list 
i realize,
(excluding college)
indiana was the only state where 
we moved homes, without moving states.

i suppose it's also worth noting
that half my list has been
outside of my home country.
how's that?

what about your list?
and what other lists would you like to see?


photo via abeautifulmess.


Stéphane Danré said...
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Stéphane Danré said...

My eight places (I'm sorry, I haven't got enough places to make ten)
Hannogne St Rémy, Ardennes
Reims, Marne
Thillois, Marne
Levallois-Perret, Haut-de-Seine
Toulouse, Haute-Garonne
Castenaudary, Aude
Sens, Yonne

LP said...

And mine:
Philadelphia, PA
Boston, MA
Millersville, MD
Granger, IN
Notre Dame, IN
Angers, France
Nevers, France
Chicago, IL
Canterbury, England

Almost ten... wonder what's next :)

food for thought.

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