Tuesday, October 12, 2010

inspiration boards.

photo source unknown. shame on me.

in most every place i've lived,
i always have some sort of inspiration board.
above my desk,
on the inside doors of my closet,
on my dresser.

it's a place where i can post
photos, memories, 
fashion ideas, outfits,
important events, ticket stubs, color swatches.

i read old magazines
dozens of times.
i flip through and look at the pictures, 
the color combinations, the shapes.
cut out pictures and pin them up.

sometimes i like it when they're organized,
but i can also appreciate the messy.
i think there's a little of both in me. 

here's a picture of my own inspiration board at the moment

cards from friends,
pictures and memories,
couple necklaces and hair pins.

do you have an inspiration board at home or at work?
what's on it?



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