Monday, October 11, 2010

le weekend.

a three day weekend
and three parks visited!
(well almost, i cheated a little for the last one, 
which was more of a general stroll. 
but doesn't that sound nice?)

we went south to mont saint bruno
and north to saint saveur
and stayed in the neighborhood 
for a sunny monday walk

we had a picnic in the mountains
and a scrumptious italian dinner 
with some locals and visitors.
we participated in our first
'apportez votre vin'
you buy and bring your own wine to the restaurant.
a creative idea really.
it's less expensive,
you have WAY more choices,
and you get exactly what you want.

sunday was a franglais sort of day,
something i've really come to appreciate 
about this city.
we spent it with a québecoise and two français,
so there was a general mix of french, english, and québecois french.
we spent the day comparing words, phrases, ideas in the 3 languages
(this is where i argue that québecois, the montrealers french,
is at times, quite a different language)
and an added treat,
when you can't remember a word in french
or it just sounds better in english
well, just say it in english. 
the best of both worlds, i'd say.

and today is thanksgiving
here in canada.
although i find myself in a
quite non-thanksgiving mood.

thanksgiving is the thursday in november,
not the random monday in october.
 it begins 
with late morning baking
turkey stuffing
pie crust making
football watching...
or at least that thanksgiving-friends-episodes watching.

it marks the transition between autumn and winter
maybe even a couple early season ski days.
the day after thanksgiving is THE official
not to mention the shopping to be had the day after.

yes, these are quite typically american,
the stereotypical traditions.
but it's almost what i feel like saying to these canadians up here.
um, who ever heard of 
thanksgiving before halloween anyway?

so i think i'll conserve my american traditions,
and celebrate my thanksgiving
on a completely ordinary thursday night,
in a month and a half.

ever feel weird about similar traditions in different cultures?



in saint saveur, 
we went on a little mountain sled ride,
-think alpine slides in park city-
so here are some fun bonus pics

the ride up

and the video.  

(ok, youtube is not cooperating, but the video will be posted shortly!)

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