Monday, October 4, 2010

le weekend.

how is your monday ?
the weekend already seems so far away !
all the weekend things i wanted to do
(wander through the market
try a yummy butternut squash soup recipe
sleeeep in)
seemed to slip right through my fingertips.

i did, however,
finally complete a little design project in the living room.
pictures will come soon!

in other news,
i have completely turned against montreal weather forecasts
they can not be relied upon
in the slightest.
today called for clear sunny skies the whole day,
so i'm just a bit curious what all these clouds are doing in my way!

did you do anything fun this weekend?
any other yummy soup recipes i should know about?


photo via unruly things


D said...

Feel free to ship soup on our UPS number :-)

Genevieve said...

So many soup recipes! I love soup! But you knew that.

alli said...

Also looking for a chili recipe- never made it before, so it will have to be simple, but good. maybe a spicy one, got any ideas?

food for thought.

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