Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It all started...

With a 69 cent old Christmas ornament from Salvation Army, a free book from the lobby of my apartment building, some scissors, and a can of tomato paste.

And a pencil, to draw some circles.

Then came the modge podge.  The crux of any artsy project.

I wanted to take some in progress pictures, but my photographer wasn't home and my hands were all modge-podgey.  So here is the semi finished project.  The only thing left, is a cutout of a Christmas tree or reindeer or snowman or something Christmas-y enough to glue on as well.  A very inexpensive alternative to store-bought, mass-produced ornaments!  

And this one just because I liked the effect of the spinning :)

Also, I baked salmon and zucchini in the oven tonight as opposed to in the pan like I always do, and the facilité of it all kinda rocked my world.  Scrumptious and so easy, never looking back.




Anonymous said...

Great, good job !


Anonymous said...

Ornament reclamation?


food for thought.

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