Thursday, November 10, 2011

smile hunter.

I am not a morning person.  In comparison to some (I know some really anti-morning people!) maybe.  But in comparison to most, hardly.  The world just feels better after a pot cup of coffee.  I like the principle of being up early.  It's the getting up part that I always seem to get stuck on. 

Most mornings, by the time I get to the metro I'm engrossed in whatever song is on my ipod, making a mental (stressful?) list of things I have to remember to do that day, flipping through the newspaper while frustrated that the next train hasn't arrived yet, and calculating how fast i'm going to have to run walk to get to work on time.  But in the spare moment that is not spent worrying about my day before it has even begun, there's one thing that will pretty consistently make my morning a bit brighter.  

I'm a smile hunter. 

I love witnessing people smile at unexpected moments.  Times when they think no one else notices, wonderfully distracted by their own thoughts or memories.  Who knows what that smile could be about.  Sometimes it's big, breaking into a laugh.  Sometimes it's barely perceptible.  

Those are the best.  

It's a small reminder that we're all human.  We all have stressful days, bad days, horrible days.  But we also all have good days, wonderful, amazing days.  

That we smile about later on a Monday morning metro ride.  

So watch for those smiles.  They'll surprise you.




Susan said...

Hi! I'm Katy's mom; she gave me a link to your blog and I've really enjoyed reading it. Today I love that phrase "smile hunter." I linked this morning person blog to a post I wrote for my own blog that will be published Nov 17. (

Your writing is great -- keep it up!

alli said...

Thank you, Susan! That was so sweet of Katy to give you the link, and for you to stop by. I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed reading and I can't wait to peruse your blog as well. Happy Friday!

Katy M. said...

I can perfectly imagine you sneakily watching people on the metro. You go unnoticed, but notice everything. I could never get away with going unnoticed :) I always remember and laugh at how people always would talk to me when we were together...and that wasn't always a good thing! Public transportation...I long for it.

Katy M said...

Oh, awkward. My mom and I BOTH leave comments to the same blog...I honestly didn't read that before I posted...HAHA

Anonymous said...

How about the smile on your face when you DO get up early (quite a bit of nudging required) to find flat glass with a little smoke on the water ! First ripples. Now that's something to smile about early in the morning :-)


food for thought.

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