Thursday, November 3, 2011


'without a story, we perish. stories define our lives: they teach us what is possible and good, help set our goals and limits, offer us role models and explain mysteries. without stories- myths and legends, folktales and sacred texts, romances and comedies and tragedies- our lives would be formless'
- marilyn farwell -

this morning brought...

a bit of research and attempts at writing
a new curiosity with joan didion and a search for her book, the year of magical thinking 
goosebumps from this video (and many others watched, which explains the attempts at writing part...)

Oh! Last night I made the mexican version of the chicken and pesto stuffed pasta shells that I made awhile ago, Mexican Stuffed Pasta Shells and I am happy to report they are just as delicious.  I didn't have any taco sauce, but used the rest of the sauce from marinating the meat... and the salsa I used was white bean and corn, which I think added a great extra flavor and texture that I would have missed if I'd used regular salsa.  Just finished the leftovers for lunch! 

happy thursday!


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Taylor said...

thanks for the vid post! i got goosebumps too!

food for thought.

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