Tuesday, November 15, 2011

you should be reading: enJOY it.

Whether you're a home decor junkie/DIY...

Or you're a sucker for cute paper shops and crafts...

You should be reading enJOY it, a blog written by Elise Blaha.  I happened upon it a couple weeks ago now, and the creativity that oozes from this blog is refreshing and inspiring.  She sets goals with vigor- she trained for more than one half marathon and she's baking 40 loaves of bread before the end of the year.  I'll be stealing about half of her bread recipes... and considering ordering one of those wonderful prints that she's made.  

She writes in an approachable way and has made me think about what goals I'm setting.  And how to be more creative.  And how I'll train for my next half marathon.  Ha.  Maybe not toute suite though.  

Go have a look!



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