Wednesday, November 30, 2011

life list: buy local.

This is more of an item on my right-now list rather than my life list. Over the past few days I've been starting to ponder holiday gift ideas for my near and dear. It's (unfortunately) so easy to get wrapped up (pun intended?) in the brand name, department store, commercialized side of the holiday. I've already bought a few things from big-name stores, but I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to buy presents exclusively from local boutiques, etsy shops, and the like. Promoting small businesses and gifted artisans. So I've been scouring etsy (not really a trying task...) and I've found some wonderful gift ideas that I've tucked away to purchase in the coming weeks.

Without giving any of my gift secrets away, here are some other noteworthy things I've found...

To stash your whiskey during long walks through Parisian streets.

And my obsession love for infinity scarves continues. 

Will you be buying locally for your holiday gifts?



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