Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy november!  And what an unseasonably warm way to start the month of pumpkin pie, warm lattés, leaf crunching, leg warmers, and first snowfalls.  It's a gorgeous afternoon where I am and I plan on taking full advantage by going out for a long run later.  I'm preparing for a 10k through Oka National Park this Saturday.  It'll be my second 10k and I'd like to shave a few minutes off my time of 58 or so minutes the last time I ran it in 2008.  But mostly it's just a great motivation (obligation?) to keep training after I ran the half-marathon at the end of September.

And since we bought a box of 38 or so tomatoes this weekend (!!) I'm going to spend the evening starting some tomato soup to freeze and maybe some spaghetti sauce.  Anyone every tried making and freezing marinara or spaghetti sauce and have some recipes to share?  Also since I have an ample supply, other tomato recipes would be appreciated :)

I've been having a kind of no excuses sort of week, which was the motivation behind starting an every-day-of-november-blog-a-thon.  It started as a kind of experiment, and it's actually started making me feel quite productive.  Every time I'm reminded of something I need to do, instead of making an excuse to do it later I do it right. then.  No excuses!  Spending two minutes on something that you've been thinking about for months weeks is SO worth the relief of not carrying it around with you anymore.  So stay tuned the rest of the month, we'll see what I come up with :)



ps. feel like a no excuses november?  join me and L from rooms and books! 

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Anonymous said...

Alright Allison !
Have a good every-day-of-november-blog-a-thon !!

Mister S

food for thought.

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