Monday, November 9, 2009

le weekend.

I was a bit of a Suzie Homemaker this weekend.  Or maybe a Françoise au Foyer if you will (femme au foyer is French for stay-at-home madre).  Last week when I saw a recipe posted for ridiculously easy homemade tomato soup, it was like that motherly-kitcheny-homey part of me switched on.

And in a chain of supermarché events, while I was buying canned peeled tomatoes I saw a big box of pears for a euro and a wonderfully cute and tiny casserole dish and pear tart and quiche lorraine popped into my head.

All three were delicious, despite the glitches (re: lack of blender for the tomato soup ingredients).  Didn't get pictures of the soup, but here are some of the quiche and tart!

quiche in said cute perfect casserole dish.  ready to go in the oven.

er. toaster oven? whatever it works. i feel like writing a recipe book.... 'toaster oven recipes'...

perfectly toaster puffy eggy, cheesy deliciousness (minus the slightly burned crust)

I had crust left over so figured I should pop the pears in there.  It was a little liquidy but still scrumptious.

So there you are- my cuisine centered weekend.  It was also fairly well timed since the weather was pretty crappola over here.  In between the rain storms I managed to wander about town a bit with the other assistants (commiserating about said rain) and take a Sunday run through the vineyards across from our apartment.

What did you do this weekend?


p.s  here are the links to the recipes I used this weekend.  pear tart.  tomato soup.  quiche lorraine. sorry anglophones for the last one, it's in French : )  I'd be happy to translate though!

p.p.s.  care to share some other recipes for me to try in my tiny toaster oven?  I would LOVE suggestions!

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Lindsay said...

mm they look delicious!! such an upgrade from the hot plate!! :D

food for thought.

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