Sunday, November 22, 2009

le weekend.

my weekend included:

a concert in dijon.

visiting airports full of gliders, helicopters, kitfoxes, and matco wheels and brakes!  

a middle school basketball game, coached by my roomate.

a dinner of 22 in a cozy french house warmed by a blazing fireplace and kind hearts.

church in a chilly cathedral.

a sunset walk to the park just in time for it to close.

and one of the coolest parts:

a group of sangliers- wild boars!!  common in the woods throughout France, 
but extremely rare to see in such high numbers!
and they ran right across the road in front of us : )

I got to enjoy a lovely weekend.  My students certainly kept it interesting for me this week- one got his second 8 day suspension after I had him in class on Thursday (suspension more due to him pushing the school counselor than him being downright obnoxious in my class).  Oh middle schoolers.  Thankfully I know already that I will not spend the rest of my life teaching you.  

How were your weekends?  What were the highlights?  

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


all photos uploaded by mistinguett.


Lindsay said...

wild boars!! that's insane! my weekend included two nights of live music and my first-ever guinness... fun times :D

alli said...

oooh live music! awesome. and what's the opinion on guinness?

Taylor said...

nothing i did this weekend topped seeing a pack of wild boars galloping across a field! that's so cool!

food for thought.

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