Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello all !

I'm back from my week in the Pyrenees (with day trips to Andorra and Spain) which was such a nice break.  I got to recharge my batteries a bit before I go back to work with all my little rascals later this week.

Over the next few days I'll give you some peeks into my vacation- some of my favorite parts.  I'll start with a special local touch in the village where we stayed- Montalba le Chateau.

We drove by this every morning and evening when we left the village to explore.  It was so charming- a self-serve almond cart.  One of the last days we were there I stopped in the morning to buy a bag... before checking if there was a casse-noix, a nutcracker.  Even though it was a little messy trying to crack them open with a knife, a bottle opener, and finally the leg of a table.... it was well worth it!  Delicious and fresh almonds, miam : )


D said...

Hold two almonds in the palm of one hand. Close it to make a fist. Smack the fist with your other hand nd one almond will crack


alli said...

what if the almonds are too spiky on the outside. bleeding for a little snack is not really on my agenda! : )

food for thought.

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