Monday, November 16, 2009

le weekend.

Well folks, the weekend lived up to my expectations, except for la pluie, the rain, that decided to come and visit as well.  We had about 9 people crammed in our apartment, but we all survived and had a pretty good time I'd like to think!

I'll show in pictures, a little bit about the weekend chez nous in Beaune.

some of my guests this weekend.

inside the wine tasting event.  that we waited for in the rain, for 3 hours.

part of the parade on sunday.  wasn't sure what they were going for with the face paint.

another marching band.  this one traveled from Neuchâtel, Switzerland

that guy on the left is a famous French singer, Patrick Bruel.
It was the funniest thing when a Chinese lady standing next to us
and crazily taking pictures with the rest of the crowd suddenly
came up to us and asked, "Um, actually, who is he?"
She played the role of devoted fan pretty well for having no idea!

a picture inside the auction house where 'la vente du vin' went on.
they auctioned off barrels of wine.  some sold for as much as 40,000 euros!

we enjoyed some delicious escargots, snails!
don't be alarmed by the green color, that's the garlic and herb butter sauce : )

i was SO excited to see they turned on all the christmas lights downtown!

most awesome contest.  who could uncork 200 bottles of wine the fastest.
only in France.

this guy was the winner.  see all the corks lying on the stage?  he finished in about 15 minutes.
his prize:  a solid gold wine opener.

So as you can see, despite the cloudy weather, we still saw lots of stuff in Beaune.  I was so proud of our little town!  As the guy at the wine-bottle-uncorking contest said, in Burgundy when we do something, on le fait au fond, we go all out.

What fun things were a part of your weekend?

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


all pictures uploaded by mistinguett.  

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