Friday, November 13, 2009

weekend madness.

I'm sitting in our living room, getting ready for an inCREDibly crowded but I hope just as fantastic weekend.  Tomorrow and Sunday are the annual 'vente du vin' in Beaune (a fancy-smancy wine auction and all around reason to drink vin chaud) so we invited a couple people to come and stay.  Well, a couple multiplied.  And pretty rapidly.  But I'm convinced it's going to be a picture and story worthy couple of days.

Just wanted to share two things I found with you all.  I'm a google reader addict (if you haven't discovered it yet, you should) where I read blogs of good friends and strangers.

This is from a blog called '2 or 3 things i know' which I enjoy.  And I thought the quote gets right to the point.  Something we should remember more often.

The second is way less serious and just as awesome.

Does anyone else remember these books from when you were a kid?  They talk you through how to draw these cute little figures and animals using really simple shapes.  My favorites were the little chick, and the ants : )  You can check out the blog at the space in between.  

Wishing you a very sunny and wonderful weekend!  Anyone else having a house full of crazies?  If not, what are your plans?


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Genevieve said...

I love your gerber daisy picture!

Can you please teach me how to make vin chaud? Over christmas breaK? I booked my flight the other day, 12/22 at 11 PM i arrive!

food for thought.

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