Monday, November 30, 2009

le weekend.

My weekend was one of those that was not originally intended to be cramming-everything-into-three-days, but quickly turned out that way.  But it was fabulous despite the craziness.

Thursday night I trained up to Sens and then hopped in a car to go to the Danré's house for the weekend.  Although, après toutwe seemed to spend more time hopping around to other houses than staying at the Danré's.  

Friday we visited one of Stéphane's university roomates, his wife, and a very recent arrival (3 weeks!) their daughter, Apolline.  She was absolutely adorable and calm as can be.  I guess there's very little to do at 3 weeks besides eat and sleep.  The couple was so nice to have us at their home, as busy as they must be.  After lunch we visited les vaches, the cows on the farm.  Fabien, Apolline's father, raises cows in their village and has quite the barn-ful.  While we were taking the tour we saw a calf that had just been born half an hour before!  Imagine a cute little baby cow, minus the fluffiness, and add in a whole bunch of teenage type awkwardness.  It was pretty funny.

Friday we drove to nearby Reims, where we stayed the night.  We decided to wander around the Christmas market, le marché de noel, and we were certainly not the only ones with the idea.

I wish that was real snow on top of the market roofs, but it was just misting rain : (

I'll certainly be trying some marrons chauds, roasted chestnuts, sometime this Christmas season.

Saturday afternoon we were guests at Stéphane's aunt's house (we literally hopped from lunch to dinner all weekend long).  After a lovely afternoon of homemade boeuf bourgingon, one of Burgundy's roasted meat stew specialities, and wonderful conversation over some champagne and Chateauneuf du Pape red wine (jealous mom!) we headed back to get changed for une soirée on Saturday night.

The soirée was in a great room with a high ceiling and awesome chandeliers.

We went with a couple of Stéphane's friends and cousins.

moi and mr. handsome.

Some ridiculous dance line where the object is to push the person backwards as fast and recklessly as possible.  I don't see how that could possibly be fun.  Every single person ended up on the floor.

After some (not enough) sleep on Sunday morning, we had a slow day around the farm.  More champagne and eating involved.  A certain member of the Danré family was a little excited for us to finish eating and come play.


She was soooo serious in the car as we drove around the little farm trails tracing through the fields.  Every so often we would see some deer or rabbits and she would go NUTS.

We got out of the car for awhile to walk around and see some of the windmills not far from the Danré's farm.  They were big, and made scary whistling noises.  And were incredibly intimidating to stand underneath.

All in all, a nice weekend.  Not quite relaxing, but really fun.

What did you do this weekend?  I heard there were skiers in Utah!  Can't wait to get on my skis in 3 weeks : O



Genevieve said...

Oh Fun! I love that top (dress?) in your photos. Jolie!

Genevieve said...

Oh, and Stephane looks great with that color tie.

food for thought.

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