Thursday, November 5, 2009

quaint village visit : cucugnan

Even the name of the city radiates quaintness.  A tad bit because when you say it in French it sounds a little bit like 'coucou' which is similar to a 'hey you', 'yoohoo', and all around one of my favorite cute callsigns or french exclamations.

Like the majority of the small towns peppered along the French/Spanish border (or maybe just France in general?) Cucugnan was gathered on a small hill, its streets spiraling inwards with plenty of curious cobblestoned streets to explore.

My favorite part was the moulin, the windmill that sat out on the edge of the hill.  Almost like a proud lighthouse drawing everyone in.  What was even cooler, was that the moulin was attached to a boulangerie which made fresh breads, pastries, and delicious cookies.  

You could visit the moulin, take a small tour- but we decided it was just as nice to munch on their homemade vanilla, fig, and chocolate flavored sugar cookies and sip coffee : )
After the coffee break we headed up to visit some of the chateaux cathares, fortified castles, the region is famous for.... which may just be the next blog post or two.

Stay tuned!



D said...

Coo-Coo used to just mean you were nuts... like in 'what a coo-coo'



D said...

or coo-coo for cocco puffs...


food for thought.

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