Thursday, January 13, 2011

the critical.

can i just say,
i am (so far) beyond inspired 
by my classes this semester.
i've just started my readings, 
and i can feel one in particular,
changing the way i think about things.

about education,
learning and identity.

all this is embedded in a theory called 
critical pedagogy.
all i'm reading is a course primer,
but paulo freire is the real genius.
dude taught the dangerous and threatening (sarcasm)
poor, oppressed children in brazil.
and when he got kicked out of the country for his
apparent extreme.... love?... he just moved to chile
and picked up from there. 

reading tonight, i came across a passage
where freire calls students and teachers,

"(to) be curiously impatient together, 
produce something together,
and resist together the obstacles that prevent the flowering of our joy...
Hope is a natural, possible, and necessary
impetus in the context of our unfinishedness.
Hope is an indispensable seasoning in our human,
historical experience" 

can we just stop and absorb that for a minute.
first of all, i love that he thinks of learners as 
curiously impatient.
that is such a perfect phrase.
and the fact that he thinks of us as unfinished,
lets hope in, in a whole new way. 

even though this masters program is 
interesting and inspiring in so many ways,
sometimes i secretly worry about pursuing education,
because at moments i can't imagine myself as a teacher all my life.
but passages and theories like this,
reassure me in some calm, quiet way. 
maybe i'm not sure where that calm and quiet way may lead to, 
but i think i'm excited to find out.


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