Tuesday, January 18, 2011

la cuisinière.

recipe time!
this weekend i made roasted beets with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese
and janet's granola.
last night i put a lime and garlic chicken marinade in the fridge
and ate it tonight. no picture of that one though :(

please bear with me for the photo quality. 
next time i'll take them when i'm not as starving and impatient to eat.
or i'll have Mr. S take them, he's good with a camera :)

roasted beets.
i used this recipe from Girl's Gone Child.
every so often she asks her mom to do
cooking posts, which always look delicious.
i have half of them bookmarked.

i roasted the beets in the oven (for not long enough)
and cooked the greens in some olive oil and garlic until they were wilty.

i used three beets and had some left over,
so on monday we cut them up and made some sort of
beet fries. creative, and perfect since the beets needed to cook a little longer.


the list of ingredients for this recipe
is pretty huge,
but i figure you can kind of pick and add as you choose.
i didn't have any coconut, but next time i'll definitely go for that.
and maybe more oats too 
(i added more like 2 cups instead of the 6 recommended).
also, i didn't add the maple syrup.

you make the glaze, pour it over your mixture,
and then bake it for 30 minutes. 
delish with a bowl of yogurt!

the garlic lime chicken recipe i found on epicurious
and it was really simple
(chop, bag, sit, cook).
the lime was pretty subtle, but it was good, and very easy.

i just made an online recipe box at epicurious, 
so i'm scouting out for more ideas.
i have all the ingredients for the quinoa, 
so that will likely be made soon.
and maybe bread coming this weekend, 
we shall see!

what more recipes do you have to share with me?



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