Friday, January 28, 2011

friday top ten.

top ten shows that shaped my childhood.
(or that i spent hours watching).

1. rugrats
2. doug
3. rocky and bullwinkle
4. alex mack
5. rocko's modern life
6. pete and pete
7. hey dude
8. clarissa explains it all
9. legends of the hidden temple
10. guts

do they still make tv like that? 

write your favorites in the comments!

ps. a couple bonuses for the weekend.

ruemag edition 3 is out. nice saturday morning reading.
i just stumbled upon designsponge, and this project looks cool.
matchbook magazine. for more online browsing.
and in case you are looking for 9348 ideas on how to wear a striped shirt.
a new source of inspiration.... for just about everything.

and finally, 
going with the tv show theme,
a little word from schnappy.
and once i'm thinking about cro-cro diles, 
i couldn't resist this of course. 

happy weekend!
(i'll be ice skating and fondu eating!)



Anonymous said...

Seems like there is one missing?

I guess it's good there wasn't one about a crocodile?


Anonymous said...

Rocky & Bullwinkle got me thinking how I hadn't seen it in quite a while so I looked it up on Xfinity. Pretty funny to find out the 'crime' on the first episode (released in Sept 1961!) is about Boris & Natasha stealing paintings from 'that famous art museum' in Paris! Of course Bullwinkle saves the day by episode 3.

So it was all Bullwinkle that influenced you to go to France? or is that just a lot of bull :-O (moose?)


alli said...

boy meets world is so important and influential, it's above the list.
only you would look up Rocky and Bullwinkle trivia facts. And yes, that was totally one of my criteria for moving to France. All my life decisions are run by Bullwinkle.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I watched the episodes rather than just reading a summary.


Caity said...

I have been watching boy meets world every day! its on early so i record them. Eric is my favorite character! haha

food for thought.

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