Monday, January 31, 2011

30 for 30.


here we go!
starting tomorrow, i will be wearing variations of these (and only these)
30 articles of clothing for the next 30 days.
i'm excited, but kinda nervous i'll run out of motivation.
luckily, i'm allowed unlimited accessories.
tights, scarves, leg warmers, jewelry...
i really wanted to throw in a pair of heels, 
but it's so completely unrealistic to dream of wearing heels right now.
so i stuck to boots. 

i'll be posting pictures of my outfits every day,
fulfilling in a way, one of my life list items....
so check in if you want to see how i do!

thank goodness gloves, earwarmers, hats, neckwarmers, and my winter coat
don't count as items.
or my ice skates :)



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lins said...


food for thought.

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