Friday, January 21, 2011

friday top ten.

top ten awkward metro moments
which may or may not have happened to me. 

1. staring at the metro map posted above someone's seat. 
having that person think you're staring at them.

2. grabbing on to the hand rail and touching a stranger's hand by mistake.
apologize sheepishly or do the awkward throat clear and ignore it?

3. let me just put it this way
-10 F outside,
95 F inside.

4. trying to take off/adjust/put on
scarf, hat, earmuffs, gloves/mittens,
while wearing a 10 lb winter coat,
and carrying another bag.

5. going through the entrance door and
battling the 20 mph blast of warm air.
wind tunnel much?

6. sitting next to someone hacking up a lung.
or chewing obnoxiously.

7. having a conversation with someone
who gets off a stop ahead of you.
i always feel like everyone is staring at me after that person leaves.

8. metro musicians.
the man who holds his music stand together with duct tape,
the man in a plastic boat complete with blow-up palm tree,
or the man on stilts playing the flute in a jester hat.

9. reading a neighbor's newspaper over their shoulder 
without getting caught.

10. running to catch a metro,
making it with a triumphant jump,
and then standing still for another 45 seconds before it starts moving.

anyone else have awkward metro moments?
or any public transport for that matter!




LP said...

hahahah #10 made me laugh out loud. definitely have done that. :D

Taylor said...

haha i know!! #10! i hate it when that happens!

food for thought.

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