Monday, January 10, 2011

le weekend.

i hope your weekend was both 
as fabulous and low key as mine!
personally... i find 
winter break pretty hard to recover from.

you come back
to an empty apartment,
no more skiing,
no more family, 
no more lakota,
and no more scrumptious christmasy dishes.

so having my best friend visit me this weekend
was a delightful way to ease into the new year.
all we were missing were our other two halves! 
we spent the weekend
observing winter-resistant tarantulas,
oggling the immense spaceship qualities of
l'oratoire st joseph,
la distillerie, poutine, and hockey watching in bars,
fighting the nasty blustery wind in le vieux montreal,
trying to cut chocolate and breaking a plate instead,
movie and seinfeld watching,
and quality <3 to <3's with some vin rouge.
it was fabulous.

i had a lot of stories to tell.
of peppermint marth-mellows,
powdery ski runs,
a mellow (and green!) christmas,
of new years eve weddings,
and a countdown to 2011 surrounded by 
a good part of my extended family. 
how lucky am i?

what was the highlight of your winter holiday? 
ready to drudge through january?
maybe it'll be less dreary if we stick together :)


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