Monday, January 17, 2011

le weekend.

i'm back from a wonderful weekend,
the perfect amount of productive and relaxing.
yesterday and today
are two of the first times since arriving
that i've 100% felt like i was in montreal. 

reason #1

i took a lesson from the locals, 
rented a pair of patins,
and headed to the very much frozen 
lac des castors (beaver lake)
in mont royal park
for some ice skating.

i took notes,
and next time there will be a lot more fleece
and a hat with ear flaps.
but the bright sunny day and blue sky were perfect. 

reason #2

when i stepped out of my apartment this morning,
it was -21 degrees.
(even though celsius makes less sense to my american brain,
i find it adds a little more drama than fahrenheit does).
even in fahrenheit, -6 is chilly enough for my morning commute.
and may i add, that's not counting the windchill.
the locals say this is more like montreal weather.
and looks like more snow later this week!

how was your weekend?
i tried out some new recipes this weekend and tonight too.
stop by tomorrow, 
to see what i cooked up!



1 comment:

Genevieve said...

Yay! recipes! Same here, a little, although some of mine were kind of a mess.
Miss you!

food for thought.

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