Monday, January 24, 2011

le weekend.


i've been catching up on reading all morning
for my classes this week.
it worked out perfectly, 
since it's -17 degrees outside.
i have little motivation to do 
anything besides stay under the covers with a book!

i had a lovely little weekend-
on friday night, we finished the week with some pizza and wine,
and watched 

i read the book in high school,
and remember it was really sad, but not many more details.
turns out, it's still sad. but it was a good movie just the same.
what is with kate winslet and doing these heart breaking films?

saturday i bought a pair of ice skates!
and we went back to beaver lake and went for a skate.
i only fell once, but it was a pretty spectacular fall. 
there were definitely a few seconds between
when my skates left the ice, and when i hit the ice-
my tail bone's still pretty sore.

it was chilly, but we dressed warm, 
and sipped on hot chocolate and ate frozen granola bars.

sunday was spent grocery shopping, skype-ing, and meeting with my volunteer group. 
we're starting a women's circle at a local laundry coop.
i think it has the promise of something great :)

how was your weekend?
are you as bundled up as i am this afternoon?



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ahem... it is Friday ?


food for thought.

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