Thursday, March 25, 2010

falling in love.

i know i haven't been here very much this week.
but it doesn't mean i haven't been thinking about it!
so many things to write about
the week just kind of got away from me.

yesterday i strolled along the streets of Lyon
one of my favorite French cities
(besides Paris, obbbbviously)
visited with a friend from college
talked about languages yet to learn
cities yet to visit

today i got some exciting news
looks like i'll be moving back across the atlantic
come next fall
try my french alongside les quebecois
see if they can understand my "France French" and vice versa
very exciting!

in other news, 
i am absolutely falling in love
with spring
which has decided to come and stay for awhile
the smell of the air in the evening
the sun shining through the windows in the morning
stars speckled above my head
riding my bike home in a light sweater
beaune is vivant again

the first time i ever came to france,
i was 17
i'll never forget driving through the countryside
in a van full of rowdy americans
and a french teacher trop content
to be back in la france
windows rolled down, driving next to sunflowers
arching to gaze at the sun 

listening to a guitar strumming calmly,
watching the rain move across a valley
the noise, a whisper at first and then a roar
completely content

that was
the first time i fell in love with france

but every spring, the wave of nostalgia that comes with the budding flowers
and warm breeze
is so strong.
it's like i'm falling in love with the season
the atmosphere
the culture
all over again
and i'm loving every second

is there something you fall in love with every year?
as strong each time as it was before?



1 comment:

D said...

Yes... Martha.


food for thought.

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