Wednesday, March 3, 2010

life list: visit all seven continents.

i've unofficially made wednesdays my life list days.  

here's one that i've been gradually working on.

i want to visit each of the seven continents.  

so far i've accomplished 3.
representing north america:

Shavehead Lake, Michigan

ooh yea baby. Little America, Wyoming


representing europe:

mont st michel, france.

bien sur, paris france

chillin with a gnome in stockholm, sweden.

bell tower in zadar, croatia.

rome, italy.

representing asia: 

the taj mahal. agra, india

munnar, india

jaipur, india.

and soooooon (in 4 weeks) i'll be checking another off my list!


for our easter holiday, i'm going down to morocco for a week. 
here's a picture from Fez.

Dyeing vats in Morocco.

and THIS is what I hope to be doing at some point!

so after april, i'll have 3 more continents to go.

south america

i choose....

a scuba dive along the great barrier reef
and a ride through the deepest corner of the outback

a foggy morning in machu picchu, 
hiking where the incas once were in peru.

and a ferry expedition to antarctica
to visit the penguins.

what continents have you been to?  
and what will you do when you visit the others?



1 comment:

Genevieve said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I want to go to Morocco!

food for thought.

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