Monday, March 15, 2010

le weekend.

the wonderfully sunny montpellier sky


picnic spot.


THE assistants.

roomies take 2.

march, folks.  MARCH.


afternoon carousel ride.

on a vitamin D high.

winding streets.

great company.

i did some amazing things this weekend.
i wore a tshirt
i let the mediterranean tickle my toes
i got a SUN BURN!
i didn't see ONE cloud
i wandered around a wonderful city 
with absolutely wonderful company

we sat at cafés
sharing funny stories
being obnoxious
soaking up the time we have left with each other

every time i put my hands in the pockets of my coat
i can still feel sand from the beach
a lovely reminder of the weekend
and a reminder that i'll have to go back
sometime soon

i stocked up on my vitamin D
which is a good thing since it's cloudy today
now off to start my work week
this weekend i have a concert
i'll be singing a solo 
for the first time since high school
wish me luck!

what does your week look like?

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