Monday, March 29, 2010

le weekend.


which would make this, heaven.

me, about to try to caramel beurre salé macaroon.
caramel and salted butter.
sounds a little strange.
guarantee you it is nothing but wonderful.

catching up with ryan.
i've now seen him in four countries.
austria, gemany, france, and the us.


copacabana night with the assistants.

alright, i look excited to be there at least.

the first pictures are from my trip to lyon,
last wednesday.
to try this fabulous macaroon shop
and visit my friend Ryan, studying French there.
one of my favorite cities, 
wish i could have spent more time there!
also, as a side note- 
i don't usually like macaroons.
but that store changed everything for me.

it seems fitting
that every time i write a post about the weather
the opposite rolls in as soon as i finish the post.
i blame my 'i love spring' post
for the rain we had all weekend
made me want those rainboots i never bought
even more!
and regret the fact that i left my parapluie
in the teachers lounge for the weekend.

sunday i walked under the raindrops 
to palm sunday mass
in france (and maybe a lot of europe?)
they don't celebrate with palms, 
but buis, boxwood.
easter's only a few days away!
which doesn't seem possible.

what did you do this weekend?
stay out of the rain?



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