Wednesday, March 10, 2010

life list: sew a skirt

along with cooking an extravagant homemade meal all from scratch
having my own vegetable garden
writing (and maybe illustrating?) a children's book

one day i also plan to sew a skirt. 

how cute is that?

i would make mine in red
with polka dot material for the pockets
pair it with a striped shirt
some navy flats
or strappy gold sandals
a pair of sunglasses 
summatime please!

it even has a link to a tutorial, that i miiiiiiight be able to follow 

never mind that i'll have to learn how to use a sewing machine first...
got a birthday gift idea, madre : D

here are some more pictures that make me wish i would have taken drawing classes at some point
another life list item!

photos via the hidden seed
interestingly enough,
a teacher
and author, of a children's book
also she has a fabulous collection of shoes

still working on your life list?
share with me!




D said...

Where were you when I tried to teach you to sew? This dirndle skirt is very easy. This was the second thing I ever made. The first was a little yellow and white checked stuffed animal pig..... and then a matching skirt.
We have lots of sewing machines at home...?....
love the hidden seed!!!!

alli said...

i'm hoping this is M posting and not D?
or if not, i'm extremely curious to see how a pig sewn by D would have turned out. as well as the skirt.

food for thought.

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