Monday, March 22, 2010

le weekend.

hand woven baskets.

garlic. fruit. sun dried tomatoes. and an awesome hat.


fresh fruit.

fresh flowers.

sunday walk in the park.

the funniest ducks i've seen in awhile.
instead of sitting in the river, 
all three were sitting at the edge of the road
unfazed by the passing cars
content sitting in the sun.

vines getting ready for spring.

fresh fruit at the market.
flowers smiling in the breeze.
les beaunois wandering with their wooden baskets
full of market goodies.
roasting chickens
cheese, eggs, fresh loaves of bread
flour sprinkled on checkered towels.

beaune is coming alive again!
lovely spring weather
means spring coats
ballerina flats
and sunny bike rides.

what was the best part of your weekend?



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