Monday, March 8, 2010

le weekend.

happy monday afternoon!
well, i'm hoping that monday finds you doing well.
it has been realllllly winnnndy here recently
making bike rides and non-ponytail hair a little complicated 

here are a couple of pictures from my weekend.
lunch with a professor, where i tasted my new favorite fromage
which was a littttle bit like this

a visit to a town called autun
its cathedral and a museum with lovely red walls
a walk along the ramparts in the wind
yummy chicken drummies in the oven 

autun museum. 

i liked the floor even more than the displays :)

that's a mosaic!


outside of cathedral st. lazare

this was really the only light in the cathedral.
it was kind of gloomy

pretty windows.

a clock with the wrong time :)

pretty courtyard, back in beaune

a nice surprise in the hidden courtyard.

finishing up day one of my work week.
this weekend i'm going to hop on the TGV 
and cherche for some mediterranean sun
down in montpellier!

the last time i was there was last november
to visit a lovely friend 
and even then, the sun was gleaming

so tell me, how was your weekend



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