Tuesday, March 2, 2010

le weekend.

morning (evening over here) friends!
my alarm clock pulled me out of a very strange dream this morning
something involving ladders, rainy streets, and a subway that was late.
i kinda feel like i've been trying to wake up all day long, 
and i can't shake the feeling that it's monday and not tuesday.
an odd day to say the least.

let me share some photos from my weekend!
saturday was market day and scrumptious chili with the language assistants
sunday was a trip to chalon sur saone, where there was a carnivale
with all sorts of floats, 
and lots and lots of confetti.

even though there were periods of RAIN, most of the day was sunny.

confetti & candy

les chevaux

marching band.

freaky guy with moving eyes.

ooh man. 
this was a nurse, for a float with a 'solde' (sale) 
of the tamiflu flu vaccine shot.
french people never miss a chance to poke fun at the government.

flower ladies.

giant chickens.

silly string everywhere.
not sure about the hatted men

what would a carnival be without a fire-breathing man?

and a cow.... milking himself?

and this was from a walk around a cool park we found on monday.  
the trees were so surprising
unlike anything else you see in Beaune.

How was your weekend?

in this next little while I might be hopping over to Lyon to explore, 
and to Montpellier for a girls weekend

the weather has been WONDERFUL here recently
and because i said that, i'll be expecting rain tomorrow...
it sure changes quickly though-
i've had many a bike ride home from work,
raindrops plopping down on my head

i'll do an entry on bikes soon.
stay tuned!




D said...

Not exactly the Maple Festival. Looks pretty freaky!

So they have Truffula Trees in Beaune?


alli said...

Yep, little different from Chardon, Ohio. I wish they had Truffula trees! I'll have to settle for truffles.

food for thought.

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